Reward Your Crowd

How does this work exactly?
  1. Let your network know what you're looking for
  2. Create a Crounty to reward the people who connect you to your goal.

What, exactly, is a Crounty?

A Crounty is a sum of money, like a bounty, that you're willing to pay to get the thing you want, whether it's an apartment, a job, or a slightly-used unicycle. But a "bounty" typically goes to one person. A Crounty can be divided up among a whole crowd of people so that everyone has an incentive to help you find what you're looking for.

So how does it work?

Let's take an example. Say Matt is looking for a one-bedroom apartment in New York, and he's willing to pay $100 total to the person or people who can help him find it. Matt creates a $100 Crounty. The service then gives Matt a url that he can share with friends over email or his social networks.

Now let's say that Matt sends the url for his Crounty to his friend Amanda. When Amanda clicks on the link, she arrives at a Crounty page and sees two options:

Option One: If Amanda thinks she knows of an apartment for Matt, she'll be able to email Matt via a unique email address provided by the service and claim the money.

Option Two: If Amanda doesn't know of any apartments, she can still help -- and share in the Crounty -- by choosing to spread word about Matt's apartment search with her own network. When Amanda clicks one of the share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, or email, she'll receive a unique url. This url is unique so that the service can trace Amanda's role in the process and reward her once Matt finds his apartment. When Amanda's friends receive Amanda's link, they'll face the same options as Amanda. They can either let Matt know about an apartment or continue to spread the word via their own unique urls. The process continues until Matt finds his apartment, at which point every person in the chain is identified by his or her url and rewarded with a share of the $100 Crounty.

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How Do You Divide Up the Crounty?

The person who successfuly fulfills your request will get half of your Crounty. The person who referred them will get half of the remainder of your Crounty. After that, the person who referred them will get half of the remainder, and so on. The left over amount will go to to support the service. So, in the example above, Crounty divides the $100 bounty up as follows: $50 goes to the person that found the apartment, $25 went to the person who referred the person who found it, $12.50 went to the person who reffered the referrer, and so on, with the rest going to the service.

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Why Crounty?

Think about how often in life you've found the thing you were looking for because someone you knew happened to know someone else who could help. Plus, there's no risk. If you don't get what you want, you don't pay. So create a Crounty and see what happens. After all, everyone knows someone...

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